3-Hidden-Benefits-of-Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu-Lindsey-Arcangel-Jiu-Jitsu-AcademyBrazilian jiu-jitsu is more than a sport; it has a lot of great physical and mental benefits. BJJ also has quite a few “hidden” benefits that aren’t as easy to recognize.

Here are three hidden benefits of BJJ that can have a positive impact on your everyday life:

Body Awareness

Brazilian jiu-jitsu promotes several physical benefits that are easy to recognize. These include improvements in cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength.

At the same time, BJJ movements are all about the small details; details that are not easy to pinpoint. However, when all of the smaller individual details come together in a series or sequence, the result is an improvement in body awareness. This has a positive effect on coordination and balance that carries into everyday life.

Stress Relief

You might be wondering how a full-contact martial art can be helpful in relieving stress? Yes, it’s a great workout which can provide some stress relief. But the stress-reducing benefits of BJJ go beyond getting in a good workout.

Many people who practice jiu-jitsu see it as a form of meditation. In a single session, you get focused on practicing a specific movement and everything else fades away. During class, your instructor is there to help you re-focus on jiu-jitsu, and the running to-do list takes a seat on the back burner for the next hour or so. All you have to focus on is your body and your breathing. Over time, this can reduce your stress level.

Problem Solving

BJJ is all about how to escape from different holds and pins. Each hold is like a problem that you have to solve, and the repetition in coming up with a solution teaches you valuable problem-solving skills.

Outside of class, you can take what you have learned to strategize and work through a problem. When you encounter a challenge, you have BJJ skills you can draw on to persist and find a strategy to solve the problem.


Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes give kids and adults the opportunity to make new friends. Not only are you learning something alongside people with similar interests, but you also have the opportunity to develop social skills and improve your communication with others.

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