We have some schedule changes coming for April.

Our Teen Class will be joining our Adult program on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 630-800 pm.  If we have enough interested Teens we’ll move the Teens back to their own class time. For now, we are combining so there is more opportunity to train with a larger group of students.

Our Lil Ninjas and Kids class will be changing time: Lil Ninjas will run from 530-615 pm, Kids class will run from 620-720 pm every Tuesday and Thursday.

New Class:

Women’s Self-Defense, Wednesday’s from 530-630 pm. This class will focus on a combination of self-defense, striking and cardio. Classes are open to ages 16 & up. This class is limited to Women only.  Attire is comfortable workout clothing that allows you to move.

Available membership options are:

Women’s Self  Defense Only Membership, this includes one class per week, every Wednesday, for a monthly price of $56 +taxes.

Class Packs are available as well, 4 classes for $60 +taxes, 8 classes for $120 +taxes, or 12 classes for $180 +taxes.

All class packs are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Membership News:
  • Just wanted to make sure everyone knows our Monthly membership prices are not per class, it is for the entire month.
  • If you sign up for a 1x per week membership you are not limited to that specific day of the week. For example, if you are signed up for a kids membership and you typically come on Tuesdays but can’t make that work one week feel free to join us on Thursday!
New Schedule:


630-800 Teens & Adults ages 13 & up


530-615 Lil Ninjas 4-7 years old

620-720 Kids 8-12 years old


530-630 ages 16&up Women Only

630-800 Teens & Adults ages 13 & up


530-615 Lil Ninjas 4-7 years old

620-720 Kids 8-12 years old


630-800 Teens & Adults ages 13 & up

Can’t wait to see you all on the mats!!

Questions? Please, contact us today.