How-Long-Does-it-Take-to-Become-a-BJJ-Black-Belt-Lindsey-ArcangelUnlike other martial arts, the amount of time needed to receive your black belt in BJJ averages about ten years. Why does BJJ require such a long time commitment to earn your black belt? BJJ has hundreds and hundreds of technique variations for you to learn and master. And black belts in BJJ have trained many years to develop the fundamentals needed to execute all of these skills properly.

However, like anything that requires dedication and persistence, if you approach your journey to earn your black belt with the proper mindset, the process as well as the result will be extremely rewarding.

Here are a few concepts to consider and create a constructive mindset in your approach to your BJJ training:

Setbacks and Plateaus

Initially, BJJ can seem impossible. As you catch glimpses of what you will learn, doubt can creep in at any time. You question whether your body would ever be able to learn and perform these techniques.

It’s true, at some point you will struggle. One day your training will be steadily progressing, and the next you find yourself stuck on a plateau. It’s true that many people who start training BJJ with the intention of earning a black belt give up before they get there.

Knowing that setbacks, failures, and plateaus are inevitable can help you keep pushing forward toward success. Somewhere in the future, you will regain a sense of accomplishment, and that can make all the struggle worthwhile.

A Never Ending Journey

BJJ training is not like training for a marathon. Earning a black belt might seem similar to when a runner crosses the finish line after running 26.2 miles. But the truth is, even after receiving a black belt, the journey doesn’t end. It’s not about crossing a finish line. A black belt continues to practice, refine, and grow in martial arts, as well as in life.

Even before earning your black belt, it helps to adopt this same learning attitude. It puts the focus on continually learning and developing and remembering to check your ego at the door.

Short-Term Goals

Ten years is a long time to work toward any goal. And when the inevitable steps back and stalls occur, it can help to have short term goals that you’re working on. These short term goals tend to be most effective when a belt is not the goal.

Rather than just using the belt progression as your short term goals, focus on skill development. Try to learn and practice each day, even if on some days it’s just for a little bit. Stay committed to the little things you can do to earn the bigger goals.

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